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SIGNED copies of the Schiffer edition are available only here. I sign the box as well as the guidebook inside the box. This means your deck will arrive without any exterior plastic shrink wrap. I also include your name & the date. If you are buying this as a gift for someone else, please email me with their name so their deck will be signed properly.

Your deck will also arrive fully activated for use in healing and magic. I take your deck through the entire Activation Ceremony, which is also detailed in the guidebook. I do this on an individual basis while concentrating on your name & address so your copy of The Egyptian Lenormand arrives fully activated for healing and magic while also being attuned to your own personal energy.  There is a chapter devoted to the Activation Ceremony in the accompanying guidebook; and, I do strongly recommend that you also carry out the Activation Ceremony yourself so you can also further embue the deck with your own uinque energies and intentions.

Everyone who orders a signed copy from me by May 30, 2015 will be entered into a drawing for a free Square of 9 Lenormand reading (retail value of $55). The winner will be notified by June 7th at the email address they have on record with PayPal.

I will also be working on having prints of the card images available for order. Once I get that figured out I will post further information here.

Payment links for signed copies of The Egyptian Lenormand is below. Please use the proper payment link based on whether you live within the Continental US or elsewhere.

Thank you very much for your interest in The Egyptian Lenormand.


When ordering, please be sure to inform me via email if your address is different than the address you have on file with PayPal; otherwise, I will be shipping the deck to your PayPal street address.

Also, if you are ordering this as a gift, please email me with their first name. Otherwise, their deck will be signed to you and not to them.

If you are a non-USA resident, when ordering please email me with the proper form of mailing address as it should appear on the package. My local post office is a real stickler about this. Thanks!


Payment links are for USA Domestic (excluding Alaska & Hawaii), and Worldwide (including Alaska & Hawaii). Please use the correct payment link for your location.


                                 USA Domestic: $52 (incl. s/h)                              Worldwide: $59 (incl. s/h)



                                           All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.


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(My spirit guide site is still under construction. Prices will appear by the end of May 2015. Email me for pricing)

Thank you to my husband & daughter for their love & support, my wonderful community of friends on Facebook, & also to Schiffer Books for helping me to make "The Egyptian Lenormand" a reality.  I appreciate the support of the people who have been kind enough to like the deck's Facebook Page, & everyone else who along the way told me, "you can do this!"  Special love & gratitude goes out to the mighty goddess, Hathor, who guided my hand every time I stressed over having to draw an animal or person for this deck. 

This deck is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Valentina Olga Perez Gutierrez, who always told me I had talent.  She believed in me 100% & always told me I could achieve whatever I desired.  She saw this deck in a vision on her deathbed, 5 years before it was even a thought for me.  She described small, brightly colored cards of various Egyptian images & told me, "that will be your first publication."

Mom, as always, you were right!  This deck is for you.

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