The Egyptian Lenormand


Nefer Khepri, PhD.

Schiffer Books, released March, 2015


I express deep gratitude and appreciation to all who have taken the time to review The Egyptian Lenormand. I also thank everyone who has been kind enough to leave a review at, as well. The Egyptian Lenormand currently has 7 reviews on Amazon, each of which rates my deck 5 stars.

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Koneta Bailey of New Paths Tarot (blog review; also kindly reposted at Amazon).


Beth Henry of Divinationery (YouTube video review)


Mary Nale of Attune Magazine (also kindly posted at Amazon)


Anita Perez of A Metaphysician's Journal (YouTube video review, also kindly transcribed & posted at Amazon)


Moonsoon Magick (YouTube video review)


J. r. Rivera of J. r. Rivera Corner (blog)


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Thank you to my husband & daughter for their love & support, my wonderful community of friends on Facebook, & also to Schiffer Books for helping me to make "The Egyptian Lenormand" a reality.  I appreciate the support of the people who have been kind enough to like the deck's Facebook Page, & everyone else who along the way told me, "you can do this!"  Special love & gratitude goes out to the mighty goddess, Hathor, who guided my hand every time I stressed over having to draw an animal or person for this deck. 

This deck is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Valentina Olga Perez Gutierrez, who always told me I had talent.  She believed in me 100% & always told me I could achieve whatever I desired.  She saw this deck in a vision on her deathbed, 5 years before it was even a thought for me.  She described small, brightly colored cards of various Egyptian images & told me, "that will be your first publication."

Mom, as always, you were right!  This deck is for you.

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